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Hanky Codes


Coloured hankys are used to signalise your sexual preferences or to show what you are looking for right now. A hanky in the right pocket means you are bottom, in the left pocket shows you are a top. Worn around your neck signalises that you are a versatile. Don't forget - not everyone is aware of the colours and their meaning!

Download the complete explanation and colour code here!

How to tie your Dehner boots

  • As you can see in the diagramm, you tie from both sides to the middle.
  • The picture shows how to tie 9-hole and Bal-Patrol Boots.
  • For 7-hole boots just leave the topmost and undermost hole.
  • Start to pull the lace through hole 1 and then through 10.
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Care instructions for leather

Leather is a natural product. It reacts to heat, cold, dryness and moisture. If the leather is not maintained and cleaned, it becomes dull and brittle, hard and eventually break!

Thats why you should read and follow the instructions carefully to keep your leather nice for years of enjoyment:

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Care instructions for toys & tools

CLEAN 'N SAFE - desinfection spray


The new developed product is the perfect cleaning, maintenance and desinfection product. Ideal for cleaning of erotic toys, suc as Vibrators, dildos, artificial vaginas, love dolls, plastic and latex and leather clothing.

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Care instructions for latex/rubber

Latex is a natural product. If you like your rubber and latex clothing, you need to prepare it for fun and pleasure.

Rubber needs more time to be cleaned and prepared than leather. But in fact it's not more dificult and you get used to it easily.

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Pflegetipps WESCO Boots

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Mit WESCO erwirbst Du ein Paar außerordentliche Stiefel. Mit einer Anschaffung von WESCO-Boots zeigst Du, dass Du Wert auf Qualität legst. WESCO hat viel Zeit in die Entwicklung und die handwerkliche Herstellung mit hochwertigen Materialien investiert. Dies gibt Dir die Sicherheit mit viel Komfort und einer langen Tragemöglichkeit. Wir wollen Dir jedoch ein paar wissenswerte Dinge mitgeben, damit Du noch mehr Freude an Deinen Stiefeln haben wirst und diese noch bequemer werden.

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