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Should you be interested in hiring some of our products, clothing or articles for a film shoot, adveristing, theatre, cabaret, stage or screen, feel free to contact us for more information.


We're going to inform you personally concerning terms and conditions.

We have supported the following productions and artists:

  • Achterbahn AG – Filmproduktion Ralf König:
    Wie die Karnickel
  • SAT 1 "Richter Alexander Hold"
  • Reportage: Wa(h)re Liebe,
  • Beate Uhse TV,
  • Porno-Produktion GGG,
  • Miss Piggy und Gene Pascall,
  • Munich Five,
  • PhilHOMOniker – Schwuler Chor München,
  • FHM – Magazin,
  • Nationaltheater München,
  • ARD - Tatort,
  • O.S.P.I.,
  • die Magazine:
    Prinz, Sergej, Leo, Blu,
    Our Munich,
    Aktion G.,
    queerSMart, u.v.m.


Slingfram for rent

Slingfame with transport bag, 4 carabiner, 4 chains, 2 ankle restraints and a LEATHER SLING.

Material: galvanised metal
Dimensions in working condition:
width: ca. 1,20 m / depth ca. 1,50 m / height ca. 1,80 m / area: ca. 1,85 m²
Dimensions in fragmented condition: ca. 25 x 25 x 70 cm

rental fee*:
25.- € per calendar day

rental fee* with prepayment and security deposit of 400.- Euro cash or credit card.

With the delivery of the slingframe inclusive sling you confirm the complete receipt in perfect condition.

We expect the return of the slingframe, the sling and the accessories in an intact, perfect, complete and cleaned condition.

If you return uncleaned we raise a lump sum from 100. -€, which we retain from the deposit as security.

If you should acquire a slingframe on the return day, we recompense 25.- € to you on the purchase price.