SPEXTER exklusiv

Own leather collection

Due to our experience and many ideas from our customers, we create our own leather collection. These Spexter-exclusive items are manufactured from different leather studios - All made in Germany.
We offer high quality and best leather for a great value. Your joy with our products is our passion!

The products of our own leather collection are tagged with a special badge (as far as it is technical possible).

All our Spexter-exclusive products are available also
custom made for you.

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WESCO Boots - exclusive at Spexter

altWe got them: The legendary WESCO-Boots!


These Models:

BOSS 16" (w/o leather lining),

BOSS 18" (w/o leather lining),

BOSS 20" (leather lining) and

BIG BOSS 32" are on stock.

All available models can be found in our online shop - some of them are custom made*.
All other types can be ordered.

(* confirmed written order and 50% deposit required).



J-Lube - Fister's choice!

J-Lube is the ultimative (fist)-lucricant! VERY cheap, easy to handle, rubber and condom-friendly and ultra-slick!

How do I mix J-Lube?

How do I use J-Lube?

Can I mix J-Lube and Crisco? /p>

How can I remove J-Lube easily?

Where can I buy J-Lube?

Find answers to your questions here!

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Spexter movie theater


Free condoms and lube
for our movie customers

Spexter NON-STOP Movie Theater!

One of the best places in Munich to meet likeminded men and have some fun…

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 8pm*!

We offer a non-stop program of the latest porn releases on several screens in best quality.

Our program contains muscles, hunks, bears, ink, sweat, kink and lots of fetish.
Therefore, we hope to fulfill your sleaziest ideas and wishes.

If we have drawn your interest, just get a day pass and enjoy a day at SPEXTER MOVIE THEATER! Our MOVIE THEATRE offers up to three glory holes per cubicle, slings, play bed and urinals to stimulate your fantasies.


"tight jeans & big bulges"

"hoods & masks"

"suck & cum"

"Gang Bang"

"Fuck Friday"

"fetish of all kind"


*DAY PASS 10.- € - cum and go until 8:00 pm
as often as you like!

* Get your DAY PASS afer 5:00 pm
and you get one free DAY PASS,
valid within the next 8 days